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Saturday, 12 March 2011

A quote a day for Women's History Month:12th March

Necessity compelled Char to work twelve hours a day some two evenings a week... but on the remaining days, when work was comparatively light and over early in the evening, she did not choose to spoil the picture which she carried always in her mind's eye of the indefatigable and overtaxed Director of the Midland Supply Depot.
Because I haven't yet posted anything by Delafield. She's best known probably for Diary of a Provincial Lady and its sequels, but her other novels are well worth reading and ratchet up the acerbic note that is there but dialed down by The Provincial Lady (whom many people take, I suspect, to be a good deal more autobiographical of EMD than other evidence suggests). Some of them, indeed, are positively painful to read - her early novel Consequences is particularly harrowing. Nice appreciation here by Jilly Cooper. There is an EMD appreciation website.

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