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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

A quote a day for Women's History Month: 29th March

Supposing it was true that Lorna, regarded soberly and dispassionately, was a vain, hypocritical, super-rayfeened bitch: had these shortcomings prevented them from having twenty years of good times together? Maybe it was the difference in their faults rather than the similarity of their virtues that bound them together.
Dawn Powell, The Locusts Have No King (1948)
I found it very hard to choose one quote from Dawn Powell, as I don't think there's a book of hers I've read that doesn't have numerous pages flagged up for some particularly incisive passage. The rediscovery of Powell's remarkable novels, their republication, the issue of edited selections from her diaries and letters, and the production of a biography, is largely owing to the work of Tim Holt to bring her back into recognition. K

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