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Monday, 21 March 2011

A quote a day for Women's History Month: 21st March

I can only observe that in a changing world the oddest individual arrangements do seem to work, and to be compatible with loyalty, and suggest that, as the success of marriage appears more and more to depend, as we become more and more civilised and self-conscious, upon the fitting together of the personalities of individuals, we should more and more aim to be tolerant of the arrangements adopted, whether they seem to Puritans immoral, to feminists degrading, or to rationalists irrational, and not to interfere with them, or even to take public cognisance of them, more than we can possibly help.
Cole was very much part of the Mitchisons' circle and shared, at least in theory, their views on open marriage.  I have no idea whether the detective novels she co-wrote with her husband remain readable.

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