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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

More about Stella, that I missed

Last week I came across a mention of a letter from her to The Lancet about the Ascheim-Zondek pregnancy test, which, checking out, I found was particularly concerned about the need to have provisions to guard the confidentiality of women getting the test done (which seemed particularly pertinent given some of the things that were being mooted in certain US states about policing miscarriages, etc).

Today someone has kindly sent me some details I did not have about Stella's educational career: apparently, before she went to St Felix Girls' School in Southwold, she was at St Leonard's School in Fife, c. 1893-1895. Her mother's address is given as Maschstrasse, Hanover, which rather confirms my supposition that Siemens family connections were involved.

I wonder what else will turn up?

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