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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A quote a day for Women's History Month: 15th March

Emily pushed her hair behind her ears. 'But I'm not sure, Cee, that there is a correct way for people to oppose the system. All these people were produced by the system, all have found their own needs and ways of resisting or opposing it. I agree that some of those ways are extremely undesirable. But who has the right answer, if there is one?'
L Timmel Duchamp, Blood in the Fruit (2008)
This is from the penultimate volume in Duchamp's marvellous Marq'ssan Cycle, which won a Special Honor from the judges of the Tiptree Award 2009 (and now, I see, the entire sequence is available as e-books).

Check out the other wonderful works of feminist science fiction that Duchamp publishes at Aqueduct Press.

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