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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

International Women's History Month Project: A Quote a Day

I'm picking these from the large selection that I've been posting since 1999 weekly on my website, not all of them by women, but a large number of them have been.

To kick off, who other than Stella Browne, who featured very early on after the inception of that enterprise, with the following:
A political system which denies women alike equality of opportunity and adequate special protection; an economic system which is iniquity and waste incarnate; and sexual institutions founded on the needs and preferences of a primitive type of man alone, and now in their debacle, creditable and satisfactory to neither sex - these can have no moral claim on women's bodies as instruments of propagation.
Stella Browne, 'Women and birth control' (1917)
from one of her perhaps lesser-known writings (not that any of it is terribly well-known, but Sexual Variety and Variability in Woman gets an occasional mention, as does the one on female inversion, and the 1935 essay on abortion).

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