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Monday, 7 March 2011

A Quote a Day for Women's History Month: 7th March

The feminism I know began as politics, not rules for living. To call X a feminist issue did not then mean that there was a good way to do X and a bad way, and that we were trying to replace the bad way with the good way. X was a feminist issue because it was the locus of various social pressures (which it made visible) and those social pressures were what feminism was all about.... Those who don't see the distinction are building a religion, not a politics.
A brilliant essay by this perhaps undervalued writer, or at least one who has not obtained the notoriety of some others of her generation (roughly speaking, the beginning of the so-called 'second wave). Possibly better known for her science fiction? I may think that because my sff reading friends pretty much all know about her: but this may not constitute a particularly representative group.

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