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Thursday, 31 March 2011

A quote a day for Women's History Month: 31st March

[T]he wound is healed, the secret told, the riddle becomes plain, the reconciliation is made between man and what surrounds him. Each happening depends on the other. But if it was for all time, the flowers might go on blooming but the spirit would wither. It would be sad beyond all telling if the finding of the Grail were to happen once for all. Because then it could not happen again for anyone.
Naomi Mitchison, To The Chapel Perilous (1955)
Finishing up the month with my beloved Naomi Mitchison, and possibly my favourite of her works, although it's really impossible to choose. My short bio-critical study of her is still available from Aqueduct Press, and she does seem to be garnering, finally, some degree of scholarly attention. I will concede that such a prolific writer in such varied genres, and dedicated social activist in so many diverse fields, is something of a daunting prospect. Also, it continues less than easy to obtain most of her works, though kudos to Kennedy and Boyd for the Naomi Mitchison Library and Naomi Mitchison - Essays and Journalism series bringing some of her works back into print and collecting her scattered essays and journalism.

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