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Saturday, 5 February 2011

More Stella Browne promotional activity

I did a post for the Wellcome Library blog on discovering Stella Browne among the archives held there, given that it was where there were some significant sources. I also felt it was a useful exercise in that researchers often think of the obvious archive where they're going to look for a particular topic or individual, but don't necessarily think of other places where there might be traces.

Having said which, some of what I found in the Wellcome holdings was by purest serendipity - that connection with the Society for Sex Education and Guidance was something I came across while doing the research for an entirely different project on the history of sex education. Also, completely randomly while actually cataloguing the papers of Lady Rhys-Williams among the National Birth Trust Fund archives, found an annotation on her notes as a member of the Birkett Committee on Abortion, 1937: 'Unexpected appearance of Miss Browne'.

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