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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Broadcasting debacle

Just before my interview with Jenni Murray on Woman's Hour this morning, as the previous item was winding up, the system lost connection and they had to go straight to the current drama (The Far Pavilions) while they desperately tried to fix matters (first time this has ever happened in JM's memory going back decades).

I ended up doing a brief teaser, and then pre-recording a fuller interview, date of its broadcasting To Be Announced.

However, I did get to meet Marianne Faithfull!  - I didn't manage to work this into our brief conversation, but there is a slightly tenuous Stella Browne connection - her grandfather, Major Theodore Faithfull, who ran an experimental school between the wars, had some involvement with the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology (and the wilder shores of sex reform of the period more generally), and Stella was also very active in that body for several years.

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