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Monday, 7 February 2011

A great idea, but do I have time to get involved?

WikiProject Women’s History - the actual Wikipedia Project Proposal Page is here.

This is further to recent concerns apropos of the under-representation of women both in Wikipedia articles and in the editorial process.

Given that Wikipedia is often the entry point into a topic for many online searchers, it would indeed be desirable to have more there on women's history, individual women, etc, with, one profoundly hopes, links to the perhaps less immediately obvious material that's out there.

However, do I, personally, at the moment, have time to get involved in this? The next month or so is particularly hairy, but when that flurry dies down, I really need to focus a) on getting my paper for the Berks from the idea to the actuality b) moving forward with the new edition of Sex, Gender and Social Change.

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