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Thursday, 10 February 2011

And yet another appearance

Let's Talk About Sex - After Hours event at the Natural History Museum, part of the programming around their new Sexual Nature exhibition (subject of an article in today's Guardian: The bizarre world of animal sex):

25 Feb 2011 at 19.00 hrs

From kissing and foreplay through to the act of sex, join us as we discuss the history and psychology behind the different stages of lovemaking and how our sexual technique compares to other creatures in the animal kingdom.

This frank and open discussion will encompass a number of questions you might be to afraid to ask... Do some people enjoy sex more than others? Why do we orgasm? What did the Victorians get up to after dark? What role does fantasy and fetish play in sex? Can we learn anything about our own sexual pleasure from other creatures like the adventurous bonobo apes? Plus many more.

Our panel of experts will be on hand to discuss the burning issues, answer your probing questions and broaden your horizons.

There will also be a chance to have your questions answered in our anonymous 'sex surgery' and we'll have a display of objects that will test your imagination!

Speakers include:
Dr Petra Boynton, University College London (UCL)
Lesley Hall, Wellcome Library
Geoff Boxshall, Natural History Museum

Tickets £8, £7.20 members (advance booking recommended)

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