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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Some recent research reading

Anthony Aldgate and James C Robertson, Censorship in Theatre and Cinema (2005). Useful in that it is more about the ongoing routine work of theatre and cinema censorship up to to the 1970s (not just on sexual grounds). The case studies it uses are of plays which were made into films (or which, after much to and froing, weren't, or in a very transmuted form) and the different concerns that arose (e.g. theatre as relatively elite venue vs cinema as having a more popular audience). Interesting on the minutiae of language and gesture with which censors concerned themselves.

Sarah F Green, Urban Amazons: Lesbian Feminism and Beyond in the Gender, Sexuality and Identity Battles of London (1997). Green was a participant observer anthropologist of a particular element within the London lesbian feminist scene of the 80s as Thatcherism began to bite. Raises issues of how far politics can be defined around sexual orientation and the problems that arose of definition around who could claim authentic identity. Covers the 'lesbian sex wars' of that period. Note that conflict points arose over wider issues of diversity and representation. Also, interesting on relationship styles - while the communal experiments of the 70s seem to have been pretty much over, there was emphasis on friendship and community and coupledom rather played down.

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