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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Catching up on journal literature IV

More of an aide memoire for things I've looked at that are somewhat peripheral to my particular purposes at the moment, except for Roger Davidson, '"The Sexual State": Sexuality and Scottish Governance, 1950-1980', Journal of the History of Sexuality Vol 13, 2004, pp 500-521, which is very useful both on regionality and on the importance of specific local practices in Scotland, and the continuation of traditional moral attitudes and moral policing.

Also from Journal of the History of Sexuality:

Todd Avery, '"This intricate commerce of souls": The Origins and Some Early Expressions of Lytton Strachey's Ethics'. Vol 13 2004, pp 183-207: interesting in its suggestion that Strachey has been inaccurately depicted as taking G E Moore' ethics into a realm of elitisit aestheticism and that he was actually more engage both as an anti-Victorian anti-Imperialist and as a proponent of a (utopian?) vision of friendship. But a bit tangential to my current concerns.

James M Smith, 'The Politics of Sexual Knowledge: The Origins of Ireland's Containment Culture and the Corrigan Report (1931)', Vol 13 2004, pp. 208-233: good stuff about the new Irish state, the politics of national identity and the idea of itself as a Catholic and morally pure society - and how this led to victimisation of women and children (similar territory to Maria Luddy's later sections of Prostitution in Ireland). But not sure how much on Ireland I shall be able to include.

Ivan Crozier, 'Philosophy in the English Boudoir: Havelock Ellis, Love and Pain, and Sexological Discourse on Algophilia' Vol 13, 2004, pp 275-305: not so much about le vice anglais considered as a national phenomenon, more about Ellis and the wider (European/N American) sexological debates around sado-masochism.

Sally Newman, 'The Archival Traces of Desire: Vernon Lee's Failed Sexuality and the Interpretation of Letters in Lesbian History' - methodologically interesting but not really terribly pertinent to current project.

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